Paul Edward Davies is a painter, printmaker and photographer, based in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, near Madrid, in Spain.

His work centres on the natural world, often probing the border between the figurative and abstraction. Poetry is another source of inspiration, and he has created series of prints and paintings inspired by poets including William Wordsworth (the Intimations series), Dylan Thomas (Sea Chains), …

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8 Oct, 2017

Returning: ‘To return is to see the heart of heaven and earth’

08 October 2017: I usually work in series. I choose a theme (or the theme chooses me – it is not always clear which way round) and explore it for a while until I reach an obvious end point or (more often than not) it evolves into something else. Thus “Wild Garden” evolved into “Vertical [...]
5 Oct, 2017

Autumn: ‘Autumn is a time for new work’

05 October 2017: The “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (Keats) has often been a creative time for me. At first sight, this seems natural enough – autumn is a time of harvest, of ripeness, of bearing fruit. So it makes sense that it should be a time of artistic production. However, I find that [...]